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Deuandra T. Brown award winning Filmmaker and BMI affiliated recording artist signed to Detaron Records since 2012. Songwriter/Music Producer/ Runway & Print Model. Proud SAG-AFTRA member and Recording Academy member. Actress/Producer/Director. Deuandra received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Motion Picture/Television Production in 2010. She was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Deuandra got her first big start on this local TV Show called "Front Row Center", where she played many different characters. The show was aired on a local Arizona station on PAX TV which is now called AZTV. "Front Row Center" was produced by: StarBiz Entertainment.

Deuandra also worked with various record labels street promoting many major and indie artists.

Singing cover songs from many different soulful/pop artists. Later Deuandra started writing her own songs and later performed those songs for different singing events. Original song written and composed by: Deuandra T. Brown's "Heart is Beating Fast" was entered in a radio contest. She also performed it at the Alice Cooper Christmas Pudding Talent Show, as well as the Chicks with Picks Talent show at Paradise Lounge.


Her Senior Year she directed a "No Smoking Commercial," it was accepted in the Student Phoenix Film Festival and was seen on her High School TV Show.

Deuandra has appeared in major movies as background talent and best known for her own indie films that were seen on silver screens across Arizona and Miami Florida. "Pure Souls, Who Else To Blame, Plum, Diamond Cobra vs The White Fox, On The Road To Christ, The Missing Page, Crazy A$$ Bitche$, Appurtenance, A Larceny Christmas and her TV series Heavenly Conquerors."

Deuandra released her 1st single "Heart Is Beating Fast" in 2009 and 1st album back in 2012 entitled "Spoil ME", she produced an album release party that was aired on AZTV featuring 10 local talent contestants as her opening act, she donated 10% of the ticket sales to charity. Deuandra has released four albums: Spoil ME 2012, Selfie 2015, Emojis 2016, Stylish 2018 and three EP: Haters 2013, Spill The Tea 2017, Girl 2019 and the single soundtrack Heavenly Conquerors 2020.

In 2014 Deuandra was featured on MTV Copycat TV show performing Alicia Keys nationwide. In 2015 Deuandra won best R&B/Pop song "Selfie" from the Akademia Music Awards and in April 2016 she won best music video for her song "I'm Living In Now". She was also featured twice in the Nov. 2015 Billboard Magazines in the emerging artist section. In 2017 Deuandra was Nominated in the 5th annual Indie Music Channel Awards for best R&B Music Video for her song Lipstick Heels. In 2018 Deuandra was featured in the SAG-AFTRA Magazine as a proud SAG-AFTRA member. Her film "Plum" and TV series "Heavenly Conquerors" both won Detaron TV Awards in 2020 for most viewership/votes from the audience.

She is the CEO of Detaron Productions since 2010 right after college she started a film/music production company. Also being the creator of Detaron TV now available on Roku streaming devices worldwide and Detaron TV Film/Music Festival Showcase president.

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